Investigating to Impress 

Establishing a good rapport with a prospective client within the corporate world can be exhausting. It gets worse when potentially millions of dollars are on the line and one mistake means they could move on to the next best option – one of your biggest competitors.
One great way to quickly develop a good working relationship is to find out more about the potential client. Information such as their favourite places to go, as well as teams they support, can be extremely useful in helping your company secure the contract when you come to meet them face to face.
The best way to reliably obtain this information is by hiring a private investigator. Melbourne private investigators can assist you in discovering anything you could possibly want to know about anyone, but when does it go too far? Should you be able to obtain information on a prospective client to impress them and ultimately get their business?
You can feign interest in something your prospective client loves and ultimately impress them that way. Suppose your potential client is a passionate fan of the AFL and wants nothing to do with the NRL. You can go all out and throw out subtle hints every second sentence about how great the Tigers played in the Grand Final… but if you didn’t watch it and don’t care for it, then you really aren’t being genuine.
You absolutely shouldn’t use the information to buy them a ticket to watch their team play. It may seem like a great idea but it can be risky. You can appear desperate for their business… so much so that you hired a private investigator. Don’t be too obvious!
Instead, use this information as a guide, rather than a cheat sheet. Look for mutual interests and work on casually mentioning those interests.
They want to do business with you because of who you are and what you can offer them. Use the information to your advantage and put your best foot forward.
If you are in this situation, you should consider hiring a private investigator. You can stop worrying about how to secure the contract and start working towards building a better working relationship with potential clients.


Investigating infidelity 

Investigating infidelity; playing the game!”Some people treat relationships like video games – they play them, then when they get bored, they cheat.”
This concept, in many ways, displays the reality of relationships in today’s day and age. A lot of your life is spent thinking, worrying and just plain craving a solid, stable relationship with someone who reciprocates your emotions. However, relationships are like a flip of the coin. They either work or just aren’t compatible and the two of you just simply don’t click. 
When you finally do meet someone compatible, the relationship progresses and grows and your emotional intimacy levels greatly enhance – you’re able to tell each other secrets and details, and affection grows as a result. We can call this love, or we can call this passion, but either way – after such intimacy has been initiated, it’s difficult to have to break off the relationship at all if things take a bad turn. 
If you hold suspicions that your partner is cheating on you, you naturally want to confirm the facts immediately. Current statistics show that wives who have suspicions of their partners cheating actually are correct 85% [ / Peggy Vaughan of the time. Husbands that suspect wives of cheating are correct only 50% of the time. 
You may want to discover the truth for yourself; however, often this can end in disastrous results or implications that can result in damaging the relationship and increased distancing from your partner. The most efficient option to determine the facts and provide the truth of your partner’s infidelity is to hire a private investigator.
Accessing private investigation services assists to provide and ensure a clear-cut, discreet and neutral overview of the situation. Having access to the facts at hand provided by a talented private investigator gives you the option to be able to assess your personal situation in a calm, respectful manner instead of an emotionally charged heated argument with your spouse. It allows access to the time needed to contemplate your relationship and discover factual evidence, as opposed to outrightly accusing your partner, permanently damaging your level of trust within the relationship if they are innocent. 
Our Melbourne private investigators hold the key to your infidelity concerns. Specialising in investigating affairs, relationship concerns, business partners and fraud, our detectives have extensive training and skills required to successfully discover the truth surrounding your relationship. Contact us today for the premier solution to your investigation needs!

A day in the life of a PI

Going behind the scenes: a day in the life of a private investigatorRun for cover! Dive behind the wall! 

Grab your gun from the holster, tackle the criminal, get your handcuffs out!
Oh, wait… that’s right, this isn’t a James Bond movie. What comes to mind for the majority of people when thinking of what a private investigator actually does usually ends up being imagined as something out of a jam-packed, grip the edge of your seat in suspense type of action movie. In reality, however, private investigators have nowhere near the amount of fun as James Bond.
So, what does a private investigator actually do? 
A far cry from the ideals in Harriet the Spy, examining backyards with a magnifying glass and journaling suspicious activity does not exactly cover the in-depth duties a private investigator undertakes, although it does give a somewhat mysterious, intriguing and romantic light to the career path of private investigation. The reality, however, is that in a highly glamorised industry the notion of following people around for the majority of your day or night assuredly does not appeal to some. 
A typical day in the role of a private investigator can cover anything from paperwork, liaising with police, assess liability claims, proving cases of adultery or catching cheating partners to serious fraud and other criminal activity cases. 
Shadow Surveillance
A great deal of time while working as a Melbourne Private Detective will be spent surveilling potential suspects, sometimes for hours on end. Private Investigators have an innate ability to efficiently blend into their surroundings and limit suspect awareness of being watched. Unlike the typical 9-5 workday, the P.I role requires unpredictable hours night or day while surveillance is being undertaken. Far from a typical office job, Private Investigators endure an unpredictable schedule but enjoy a variety of project assignments – their workday is never the same. 
However exciting and glamorous the media portrays Private Investigator roles to be – choosing this career path is only suitable for the not so faint at heart. It requires strong character, dedication, patience and the ability to stay cool under a great deal of pressure. You’ll need an intense level of concentration, an eye for detail and a sixth sense to be instantly aware of the movements of suspects. Do you have what it takes to be a Melbourne Private Investigator?

Intelligence … gaining the upper hand 

Finding out what you may not want to know about a member of your work teamIt’s a simple fact that, if you are the owner or manager of a business, then you spend time checking up on your junior work colleagues. There is nothing unusual or underhand in this, it’s one of the things that you are paid to do. This might include monitoring or assessing their performance, reading and analysing regular reports, and the like.
These actions are unlikely to worry you when undertaking them. But, what happens if you need to investigate beyond these norms? Our team of experienced private investigators, based here in Melbourne, know that there can be a reluctance by many managers to behave in what might seem to be a secretive way, by asking us to check up on the actions or behaviours of a team member.
Why might such a step be contemplated?
You may have noticed a change in the behaviour of an individual over a period of time. This will probably have gone far beyond the simple fact that people have private lives and, from time to time, factors from that area can briefly impinge on their work. The situation we are discussing has progressed to a point where it is clearly noticeable. This might be an individual showing patterns of absence for no acceptable reason. These could include unexplained sick days, or disappearance at regular intervals, and for lengthy periods, during their working day. It’s also possible that you are worried about possible security breaches with key information finding its way to your competitors or financial discrepancies coming to light.
How do we become involved?
In most cases, standard in-house procedures for dealing with such matters have not succeeded, or for a specific reason, cannot be put into operation. Therefore, and we know usually with reluctance, we are approached to investigate the situation. Apart from our expertise in such areas, another advantage is the removal of emotion from a given situation, say where you might be dealing with a long-time work colleague, perhaps one who has become a personal friend. 
After our investigation, you have the evidence you need to know how to proceed with the matter. Often, there will be an acceptable explanation discovered; where there isn’t, you’ll usually accept that it has shown that you did need to involve our team.
If such a situation has arisen, the first step is to contact us for an obligation-free discussion of your possible courses of action.

5 things you didn’t know a Private Investigator does.

The term ‘Melbourne Private Investigator’ will probably conjure up a plethora of images of car chases, moustaches and shady people hiding behind bushes trying to find missing persons. The actual fact is that Private Investigators in Melbourne are useful for so many other reasons than finding missing people.
Below are the top five things that many people don’t realise a Melbourne Private Investigator excels at.
1. Looking after your littlies
Private Investigators are an excellent, and more reliable, alternative to nanny cams. Private Investigators can delve into the nanny’s past and even monitor the happenings when you are not able to. A Private Investigator will be able to provide the reassurance you need that your family is being looked after the safest way possible. 
2. Looking after small businesses
Melbourne is booming and small businesses are launching every day. A Private Investigator has the capacity and skills to run background checks on potential employees and to ensure the start-up does not fall victim to card fraud or credit scams.
3. Ensuring divorce and custody transparency
A Melbourne Private Investigator is willingly able to ensure both parties are abiding by custody agreements and are able to ensure any concerned parents of the safety of their children while in the care of the other parent. Private Investigators are also legally allowed to provide photographic evidence in court.
4. Creeping on the creeps
Many people fall victim to unwanted sales call or have a caller hang up in their ear when they answer. If this is a continuous occurrence, a Private Investigator should be called in to use their advantageous technology skills and trace the number to get to the bottom of the harassment.
5. They work with lawyers
Quite often, lawyers are extremely busy. Contrary to what popular television programmes show us, they don’t actually have the time or capacity to gather all evidence for a case. Many lawyers in Melbourne will invest in a Melbourne-based Private Investigator to dig up the evidence for them.
Hiring a Private Investigator is handy for so many reasons. Whether it’s searching for evidence, preventing harassment or simply the peace of mind in knowing that your children are safe, there is an excellent Melbourne Private Investigator for every need. Get in touch with us today.

Connections the Dots….

Connecting the dots: What PIs do in background checksConnecting the dots. That’s what private investigators are best at. That’s why individuals and corporations hire our services when they want a thorough background check of an individual or a business. 
Despite the unsavoury portrayal of PIs on television and in the cinema, private investigation in Australia is a legal profession and most reputable PI firms operate within a strict code of ethics and do not circumvent the law to obtain information. 
An enormous amount of information is available via open sources and public documents. It is how the private investigator uses this compilation to identify ‘red flags’ in the subject’s personal history, employment record, business dealings or financial status.
Open source and public documents can provide a wealth of information. Most importantly, you can gather information on civil litigation, criminal records, police checks, corporate and professional affiliations and licenses, judgements, liens and bankruptcies, ATO information, employment history, education credentials, internet activities, assets, drivers’ license records, voter registration and even political contributions. However, how you collate this information is the key. 
Here’s a list of what a background check with a PI would entail: 
1. Personal information 
Can include the subject’s place of residence in the last 10 years, marital status, and family ties to a business.
2. Professional history
Finding what is intentionally omitted is equally important as verifying that the information provided is accurately represented. Some of the checks a PI will verify include previous job designation, past employer, academic qualifications, working permissions in Australia and so forth. 
3. Financial
Financial checks include finding out if the subject has been party to any civil judgements, state or federal liens. This also covers bankruptcy checks and ‘red flags’ in credit rating checks. 
4. Assets
An asset check delves into the assets owned by the subject. It also investigates assets owned by entities that may belong to the individual as well as roles the individual may have held, including shareholder in a publicly traded company or board member in an organisation or LLC. 
5. Business interests
The subject’s past and current business interests are taken into consideration, including involvement in domestic, foreign or not-for-profit organisations. Also whether any of these businesses have been the subject of a bankruptcy, litigation or sanction. 
6. Regulatory
Apart from identifying all the professional affiliations the subject belongs to, the PI will also look at whether there are any complaints, disciplinary actions or sanctions against the subject.
7. Criminal/Civil Cases
The key items to investigate are whether the subject has been party to any state or federal court cases and whether there is any past or existing litigation cases against them. 
8. Character and reference checks
Character and reference checks on the individual include speaking to former colleagues, employers, and partners about their character and any other information that could be important to the background check. 
9. Social media presence
The subject matter of what they are posting on their blogs, websites, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms is important. It is equally important to collate information on what others are posting on their platforms. 
Connecting the dots for profiling
Open source information is easily attainable and if you have the time and resources, you can easily compile information about a person or a business. But the trick is not just collating the information, it is about connecting the dots to present the information in the right context. And that is where the PI comes in. 
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How Private Investigators can help you with catfishing.

In a digital world, more and more relationships are being formed online, particularly in major metropolitan cities such as Melbourne. Melbourne residents have become increasingly aware of the ‘catfish’ phenomenon, where people are creating false identities or false personas online, but many aren’t aware that it is actually happening to them. Online, a person can be anyone, and so can the person they are speaking to. The hardest part of admitting that a person has been fooled is identifying that it is happening, and that is why, when suspicious, it is always best to hire a Melbourne private detective.
Private investigators remain objective and are able to delve to the bottom of false identity issues without becoming emotionally involved. Similar to law enforcement, but often more reliable, an excellent private detective has the tools and experience to reveal the truth and provide their client with an honest result. These are the main ways a private investigator in Melbourne can help someone when they suspect they are being ‘catfished’.
1. Expertise and analysis
An experienced Melbourne private detective will be well trained and able to analyse the situation. They find it easy to recognise the traits of a liar, or someone using a false identity for fraud purposes. A private detective will be able to develop a strong theory of events by simply reading through conversations, listening to phone calls and critically examining the language of the suspect. From there, they will be able to take further investigation action to confirm their theories.
2. Contact methods
Many private investigators have the capacity to make and trace phone calls or follow up on IP addresses. They have access to servers that many members of the general public don’t even know exist, and are able to utilise technology to identify the location of the source and most importantly, who is using it.
3. Investigation
A private investigator in Melbourne always abides by Victorian Privacy laws. Private investigators are known to work hard, long and irregular hours to get to the bottom of the case. Whether it is tracing calls, contacting or trailing suspects or talking to family and friends of the accused, a private investigator will lawfully be able to reveal any internet false identities.
If anyone suspects they are victims to online false identities in Melbourne, they should contact the director of one of Melbourne’s most reputable private investigator firms on 0415 559 943.

Eyes in the sky

Eye in the sky: drones, spies and private eyesThe dragonfly drone can fit into the palm of your hand. It’s designed to spy and gather intelligence on the enemy. Under development is a Luke Skywalker inspired laser weaponry system that can take down enemy drones. However, the use of drones for surveillance is not new. Just recently, North Korea was accused of spying on US missile defence systems in the South when a crashed drone was recovered from the forest close to the border. 
The US Government has openly admitted to using drones to spy. And which one of us have not heard about how the CIA flew stealth drones into Osama bin Laden’s compound. 
Even Australia is going small with plans to equip Defence with $101 million dollars’ worth of WASP AE ‘micro air vehicles’ for battlefield deployments. 
As drones move mainstream, companies, and individuals have found creative uses for its superior surveillance and spying features. Some good. Some not so good. Backyard spying on a neighbour sunbathing is perhaps the worst example of drone abuse. 
So here’s the question that is on everyone’s mind – At least everyone who is thinking of hiring a private investigator. Do we use drones for surveillance? 
Not as much as everyone thinks. And there are good reasons for this. Australia has laws about flying an aircraft in public airspace. Low-risk RPA operations can only operate in daylight. Drones must be flown within sight of the pilot no higher than 120 meters (40 ft) and not less than 30 meters (100 ft) from people. 
The multi-rotor drones we see most are noisy – and you can’t mute that buzzing. Fixed wing drones can fly stealthily but they are big, difficult to launch and land and cannot hover, so are therefore not suitable for photography. Not exactly the ideal choice for a covert surveillance.
When it comes to investigating workplace and accident claims, the work is covert and discreet. And there are rules that apply. Private investigators are there to record information. They cannot make pretext calls, approach the claimant, track with GPS, or record conversations. The private investigator collects information using video – visuals only with no audio. Collecting visuals that can disprove the claimant can take time and a surveillance job can take place at odd hours. 
Perhaps the most important thing to consider, too, is that private investigators in Melbourne are professionals. A reputable firm does not engage in activities that contravene the law or compromise their client. If your company needs a surveillance operation, contact the Melbourne private investigators who know how to do it the right way – even without the use of high-tech drones. Phone 0415 559 943 now to find out more.

Three reasons why you should hire a Private Investigator

3 reasons why you should hire private investigators to monitor your teenAs your teenager grows up and seeks independence, knowing where they are and what they’re up to at all times becomes more challenging than ever. Of course you want them to make their own way in the world, but equally, you don’t want them to be exposed to danger through lack of life experience. 
Whether you’re going away for a few days and would like reassurance that your teenager will be safe, or you’ve noticed a difference in their recent behaviour, hiring a private detective in Melbourne could enable you to find out what the problem is. Here’s why you should consider it.
1. It will identify whether your teenager is in danger
As a parent, you know only too well how much danger your teenager could unwittingly find themselves in. Maybe you don’t like their new friends and are worried their questionable behaviour will influence your teen. Perhaps you’re concerned about drinking and drug use, or you suspect your teen’s online safety has been compromised. You need to know whether your son or daughter is in danger so that you can stop it before it gets out of hand.
2. Your teen may be reluctant to talk
Teenagers can be incredibly difficult to talk to, especially if they know you won’t like what they’ve been doing, or they’ve found themselves in trouble. Your teen could react defensively whenever you ask where they’ve been, or they may lie to throw you off the scent. They might even be pretending that everything’s OK when it’s not because they’re afraid to open up. You therefore need to find out what your teenager could be hiding from you sooner rather than later.
3. You will be able to address any issues
Hiring private investigators in Melbourne to compile teenage activity reports will allow you to find out once and for all whether your teenager needs urgent help. If your worst suspicions are correct, you can help your son or daughter to work through any issues and move on with their life. If not, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that your teen is completely safe. Contact us now and seek the reassurance you’ve been looking for.

UFED Mobile Phone Examination

The latest technology is used to undertake examinations on portable solid stade devices, such as Android and iOSX phones, GPS, and even media / SD cards. The equipment within the laboratory alone is in excess of USD $ 30,000 in 2017, with the latest global firmware releases to ensure compatibility with your device to undertake:• Extraction (logical and Filesystem)

• Physical Extraction (where supported by proprietary bootloaders)

• Password bypass or brute force recovery (where supported)

• Retrieval of deleted data (including call records and SMS)

We use industry best practice to ensure access is undertaken in a forensically sound manner, with no data deleted or modified on handset.



The examiner has more than 15 years history of being gainfully employed within the Australian Security and Investigation industry. The examiner has more than 28 years of IT related experience. With a specific focus on this case, the examiner holds:

– Certificate IV in Investigative Services, and a current Private Investigator Licence issued by Victoria Police Licencing Services Division.

– Post Graduate Certificate in Computer Crime (Forensics) undertaken in Melbourne, Australia, by an accredited tertiary education institution.

                – Professional training certificates DIRECTLY by the manufacture of several forensic analysis tools in Israel, where such equipment is designed and manufactured. Training was direct and not by a third party. In addition, the examiner possess current valid certifications on equipment such as CMFF + COO + CCPA.

The examiner is also a current member of various Australian Security and Investigation Industry Associations, including ASIAL, AIPI, and AIPIO.

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